Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel - Day 15

In the morning, we first went to one of the hybrid walmart grocery stores to purchase an umbrella. The umbrellas varied in price from 6 to 17 euros. The umbrellas weren't so much based on the type, but more on the pattern of the print. The cheapest one was a small compact umbrella with an old lady floral print. The same type of umbrella with another print cost 13 euros. We opted for the old lady umbrella. I liked it. We drove to a well known creperie place, but it was closed so we headed to Saint Malo, a two and a half hour drive plus more because it took a while to find a gas station. We went to a creperie place at St. Malo and I had the salmon.
 Louie had the scallop crepe.
What's popular here is the rampart that stretches around the town. It's around a mile long.


We then headed for Mont Saint-Michel after checking into our hotel. We didn't want to go in because we wanted to save it for tomorrow where we can go on an english tour, it was already early evening. We intended to drive by and check it out since there was nothing else to do. We went too far in and ended in the parking lot, 6 euros. Didn't want to attempt explaining we wanted to head back, but we should of. Mont Saint-Michel in one hour then.

They have many old movie posters that were shot here.

It was rather wet especially with a small dinky umbrella that didn't stay up. Louie broke it earlier in the day. We got pretty wet.
Dinner at the hotel.

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