Monday, November 15, 2010

Paris - Day 17

We first went to a grocery store to get some basics: water, milk, yogurt, and some juice.
For breakfast we had croissants. I had the almond and Louie had the white chocolate. It wasn't as good as the one in Arles, but that's okay. 
We were staying in the 4th arrondissement very near the Siene River. We headed to Notre Dame which was pretty close.

There was always a presence of police at all the major attractions. I'm guessing it's more than usual because of the recent terrorist threat that was for all of Europe.

They were holding service when we got inside. I think it would be pretty distracting to worship and pray when there was so much tourist foot traffic.

 We took a stroll around some nearby streets.

We had a late lunch.
Vegetarian dish with mushrooms.
 Beef bourguignon.
We headed for a shop that sold lotions in the Eat, Shop, Paris book. When we got to the address, the place was no longer there. That actually happens a lot when we try to go to a place recommended in the Eat, Shop books. Afterward, we purchased two bath towels because we needed more than the ones provided at the apartment. There's a lot of these video game characters on buildings. I wonder why they are everywhere.
Dinner time at a touristy Italian restaurant. Beef carpaccio. I love this dish.
Salmon with a balsamic reduction and pasta.
We got back to our apartment and did more research on places we wanted to go.
This is a picture of the 2nd floor dining room of a restaurant that was right across our apartment door.

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