Monday, November 29, 2010

Paris - Day 24

We went to a bakery well known for their croissants.
Then, the Eiffel Tower. There was an extremely long line to get to the top. We skipped it and walked around the area.

There are many vendors selling miniature Eiffel Towers. Some are quite pushy. We were asked by the same person three times.
This photo is funny because the kid on the right looks giant.
Louie wanted to see a Banksy piece nearby. As we walked there, we saw one of the Eiffel Tower vendors run past us. He along with two other vendors were running away from the police. 
They caught one of them and the other two got away. Later, we read that tourists should stay away from these vendors because they'll try to steal your wallet. For example, as you take your wallet out to pay for a miniature Eiffel Tower, they'll snatch it and throw it to one of their accomplices. 
The Banksy piece that read, "This is not a photo opportunity", was suppose to be at a spot that was very close to the Eiffel Tower. We couldn't find it. Maybe it's not there anymore.
We took a photo.
Next stop, Arc of Triumph. It's in the middle of the very large round-a-bout we drove through when we got to Paris, no lanes, no traffic signals, nothing.
When we got here, we couldn't figure out how to get to the center. We walked halfway around and didn't see an underground tunnel to get there. Louie had the crazy idea that we can run across. Crazy! and you wonder why I worry. We eventually found the stairs down to the tunnel and got across.

Lunch time at Hand Burger.
Louie got a duck burger that was recommended on LeFooding. Most of our dining in Paris was from this site. I didn't like his duck burger. Duck does not belong in a burger.
I got something called "the lady burger", expecting it to be small. It wasn't small and it had an egg on top. I ate the egg separately because an egg also does not belong in a burger. I don't know what was so "lady" about it, but it was the best burger I ever had. Lots of flavor and very juicy.
After lunch, we went to A l’Etoile d’Or, a famous candy shop. They have the best sweets. I was looking forward going to this place.
Bernachon chocolate bars. They're 10.50 euros a bar. I later learned from my cousin that they are half the price in Lyon. 

Fruit jelly things.

 Moulin Rouge.
Stuff we got from the candy shop: nougat, chocolate bar, caramels and some callisons. We dropped the candy off at the apartment and went shopping at Galeries Lafayette. It was very crowded and hot with all the people and lights. We also went to FNAC to see if they had any cheap headphones. They don't. If it's electronic, it's way too expensive in France. We wanted to get headphones for myself, so I can listen to the guided audio tours we downloaded from Rick Steves. I should of brought my ear-buds, but I didn't because I tried to pack as light as possible.
 Dinner time at Les Cocottes de Constant. This place was really good.
Sea Bass with mussel sauce.
 Pigeon stuffed with foie gras.
 I forgot.

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