Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lard and Poultry Fat

I'm reading Goose Fat and Garlic and have been inspired by the book to cook with lard and poultry fat. I usually discard the fat in the trash, but no more. Is it healthy? Who knows? There's always a big hoopla of what's good for you and what's not. One day eggs are bad and then the next they're good. The same goes for lard. In my opinion it, it should be everything in moderation which brings me to what a balanced diet is. Who knows what that is either? But the way I see it, meat should only make a very small portion of meals with the majority of the plate taken over by grains and vegetables. So if I follow this rule and exercise regularly, cooking with lard or other animal fat should be okay. Right?

Rendering pork fat...
Almost done...
Save the crackling. No waste.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Excess Onion

Too many onions = onion quiche. We got another Costco sized bag of onions. This quiche used 8 of them. I hate cutting onions. When I do, I wrap a piece of plastic cling wrap around my eyes. It works sometimes when I get a good seal, other times it doesn't. I need to get myself some swimming goggles.

Looks Pretty to Me

Doesn't this look pretty even though it's in a drain? I love the contrast of colors. Too bad I don't have a yard to compost this in.

Left Over Veggies with Turkish Bread

A quick and easy way to eat leftover vegetables is process it in oil. I stuff my veggies into a container and add just enough extra virgin olive oil to cover. Then I use a hand blender to process. It can be used as a nice spread or for dipping. This time I did it with left over mixed vegetables including carrot, bell pepper, and zucchini and I ate it with Turkish bread.

Monk Fish Liver

It's nice to eat at home with minimal cooking/cleaning work. That's where a good quality piece of raw fish comes in. Just cut into pieces and eat over rice with soy sauce and wasabi. Ohh yea, and don't forget the veggies for a more complete meal. This time we also bought some Monk fish liver. Pretty darn good with green onions.