Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paris - Day 18

I woke up early in the morning to get freshly baked croissants. Not all croissants are created equal. This one was okay. We would visit a lot of well known bakeries during our trip. I bought two, walked back to the apartment, ate mines and then back into bed to sleep some more.
 Lunch time already. We went to a well known falafel place called L'As du Falafel.
These are funny.
We decided we would spend the day looking for luggage, so we can bring lots of goodies back home. We went to two small luggage shops and then Galeries Lafayette. They were having a sale on their luggage the following day, so we picked out two and would come the next morning to purchase them. We spent a good chunk of the day walking around town looking for luggage.
Some photos from the day.

We got some hot chocolate from Angelina. It was rich and creamy.

For dinner we went to a Michelin recommended place that is known for offal. We decided to get the recommended 5 course offal dinner. The menu didn't tell you what dishes were in the 5 courses, so it will be surprise, surprise. The waiter wanted to make sure we knew what we were ordering and since we don't understand French, he signed by pointing to his ears, then his nose and then his forehead meaning if we were okay eating parts like those.
This wasn't part of the 5 course. Pickled veggies and salad.
Beef soup with cubes of foie gras.
 Goat utters.
 Lamb testicles. The neighboring table gave us a "bon appetit" when they heard we were eating this.
 Sweet bread.
Chocolate tart, ice cream with brittle and chocolate crumbs inside a coffee filter.
 Lime Madeline.
We ate for two hours. I was stuffed. Our dining in Paris would be more selective compared to when we were on the road because it's much more easier to plan which restaurants we want to eat at.

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