Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paris - Day 21

Today we walked around town and wanted to visit a market known for take-out food. Along the way there, we walked through a Jewish neighborhood and decided to eat at a Jewish bread shop instead.

We headed to the take-out food market anyways to check it out.
Street performers.
When we got to the address, it looked like the market wasn't there anymore. What happened to it?
We also bought Navago cards, so we can ride the metro. We planned on purchasing the weekly pass which starts on Sundays. All we needed was a photo of ourselves before we can laminate it. They have photo booths that charge 5 euros, but we decided to skip that for now since it wasn't even Sunday yet.

Dinner at Parmil.
Asparagus over cured meat.
Sweet bread.
Pasta with cream sauce topped with black truffle shavings.
Pear tart
Chocolate cake.

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