Friday, November 26, 2010

Paris - Day 22

I wanted to visit a farmer's market and there was one nearby our apartment.
Umbrella with loofahs.
 Foie gras.
We were eying that little pig.

After the market, we looked for a store called Monoprix that had a photo station. We took photos of ourselves earlier, so we can laminate it to our Navago card. Making a copy of our driver's license photo would of worked too, but Louie really wanted a nicer looking card. Me? I didn't care what it looked like as long as I got to ride the Metro.
This church is near our apartment.

We got to Monoprix's photo station and for some reason it didn't take our memory card. We went back to the farmer's market and got lunch.
We wanted to get the roasted baby pig, but didn't know if we wanted the belly area or the leg. We got the leg and they said it was the best part.
We ate the leg and it was normal. I think we should of gotten the belly part.
We ate it with some canned corn.
We spent most of the day walking and looking for a place to print photos. We also looked for another market and when we got to the place it wasn't there, we realized that we tried to go the same market before. Doh!
After walking everywhere, we wanted to rest at a cafe. The streets were so busy, it was hard to find a place, so we went back to the apartment. It would be more relaxing anyways.
Dinner time. We decided to eat at the apartment.

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