Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Purple Potatoes

A while back I went to a Peruvian restaurant where I ate my first purple potato. This weekend I saw some at the grocery and decided to get some. A thing about purple potatoes is that they contain high antioxidants, specifically anthocyanin. It's the same thing that makes blueberries blue. I don't know what that means for your health, but it sounds like good stuff. Regardless of that, they're purple which is reason enough why they are so cool.
Boiled for 14 mins., peeled, mashed, salted, added parsley and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil...very good, taste kinda like yams.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soy Paste

I sometimes make soy milk from scratch. I have a soy milk machine, but now I do it by hand to make it more flavorful by using less water. After a large batch, I'm left with a lot of soy paste. I don't want to throw it away, so I try to come up with new ways to use it up. I did add some to meat loaf once, but I needed a way to use it in larger quantities. So, I formed the paste to look like chicken Mcnuggets and breaded it. I then pan fried it and ate it with ketchup. It was dry and not good.