Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rocamadour - Day 11

We left Toulouse and headed to Rocamadour. As we got closer we pulled over to take some pictures. It was a pretty awesome site. The town was built on the cliff side.
It was quite a walk up.

Foie gras pate over salad.
Cured duck over salad.
Duck confit
Hmmm... I forgot what this was.
Pistachio and caramel ice cream.
 Local cheese.
More photos of Rocamadour.
We walked up to the rampart on top of the cliff. Two guys chitchatted with us. One was from New Zealand and the other was Australian. They both were very well traveled and suggested a lot of less well known places to visit. One of them also gave us some history on this place, something about how it was a resting point for some pilgrimage made by Catholics and leaving seashells along their trial.

After Rocamadour, we headed for Sarlat. We saw some geese along the way and stopped to take some photos of them.

Also stopped by a foie gras store and purchased some of their items.

We didn't do much in Sarlat except for walk around. This city is well known for staying the same since medieval times.

Afterward, we headed to a goose farm to take a tour. I read that it starts at 6 pm, but when we got there it actually starts at 6:30. I passed the time by playing fetch with this dog. He's a very good dog and followed us around during the tour. The goose tour is another highlight of my trip.
While driving in this region, there are corn fields everywhere. It's all feed for the geese. The cages on the right is where the corn gets dried.
The corn is sectioned off by electric wire, so they don't eat everything all at once.
We learned about the process of getting foie gras. We also got to feed the geese. At this farm, they go through 1100 geese a year and lose 5 to 10% to foxes.
This farm also has some ducks.

We bought some more foie gras.
It was pretty dark driving to our next hotel. We got there pretty late and wanted to eat something fast, so we went to McDonalds. The McDonalds in France have a kiosk where you can order yourself.
The chicken nuggets don't taste the same. It's not as junkie as the US version. I prefer the more junkie nugget. Louie's Big Mac came with the option of a wheat bun. He liked it. Fries are the same. It was a really fun day.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Toulouse - Day 10

We spent the whole day in Toulouse.
First was Victor Hugo's Market. The market was indoors and had seafood, butchers, sweets, cheese, lots of good stuff.

We ate croque-monsieur. Lots of cheese there.
Anchovy pizza. 
A really yummy sweet. Crepe filled with some kind of really good cream. It was really good.
Also caramelized sugar on top.
More photos from the market.

The cured meat here costs 199 euros a kilo. We bought 100 grams.
20 euros of cured meat. Not much, but you pay for quality. It was really good, but can't say it was worth the 20 euros.
We walked around the city and stopped by another market that was outdoors.

I bought some candied honey.
Right next to the market was a long street filled with people selling their stuff. Kinda like a garage sale, but it was in the street.
Most of the stuff looked like junk.

Some photos around Toulouse.

We ate lunch at a kabob place. Mayonnaise is just as common a sauce as ketchup when you order fries.

Walked through a large square and saw a bunch of people in costume. The costumes look pretty professional. We stuck around to see what this was about.
They were making an advertising video for a costume shop.

Got back to the hotel and ate at the only store open on the street. It was Sunday and most things were closed.
Since we brought only 2 carry-ons. We didn't have much room for things and Louie was running out of clean undies. I washed them in the sink and he dried them in a frying pan. We didn't have a blow drier and it was not recommended to microwave.