Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bordeaux and La Rochelle - Day 13

We spent the morning in Bordeaux. My legs and feet were extremely sore from all the walking. They've been sore since day 2, but it was even worse this day.

Kebab sandwich and fries.
After lunch we went to La Rochelle. I didn't want to walk, but had to.

Took a break and ate crepe with caramel ice cream.
Drove back to the hotel where we had supermarket dinner. I actually prefer this then going out to a restaurant because I've been stuffing myself with prix fixe meals. I get full after the first dish and end up stuffing the entree down my throat like a force fed goose and packing it further down with dessert. A lot of the dishes also don't come with much veggies, so I get my chance here.

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