Monday, November 1, 2010

Dordogne - Day 12

We went to see a prehistoric cave called Laucaux II. It's called number two because the first one, the original one, was closed in 1963 due to the deterioration caused by the millions of visitors. So, this one was built for the public. It's pretty much an exact replica to the original including the art work. It was a good tour. They didn't allow any photos.
Drove by this chateau. It hangs over the water, see.

La Eyzies.
We ate lunch after walking up and down the street.
Sometimes I don't know what to order. Not because I can't decide, but because I don't understand the menu. I only know some words like beef, tart, and fish. Other times I can't translate anything, so I just point to the dish and see if I get lucky. Good thing I'm not so picky. This is some kind of fish tart.
A hunk of something. I forgot.
Rice with braised pork or was it chicken?
Steak and fries.

We saw a sign for a snail farm and I really wanted to visit one. We followed the signs to the farm.
They do reservations only. Oh well.

La Grotte du Grand Roc
View from the top.
La Grotte du Grand Roc is a cave with stalagmites and stalactites. The tour was in French, but that was fine because they gave us English reading material beforehand of what they were going to say.

According to the tour guide, someone stuck a small twig though the net and poked at this cross. It then broke and took 6 years for it to refuse again.


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