Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nimes and Carcassonne - Day 9

We packed our things from the scary hotel and drove to Nimes. As we walked to the arena, we stopped by a patisserie and I got some kind of tuna pastry and Louie got an almond croissant. I had a bite of his and it was the best pastry item I've ever eaten. I would later refer to this almond croissant throughout my trip and compare all other pastry items to it. It was the best!
The arena was similar to the one in Arles, but that was an amphitheater. 
We looked at an old church. (They're all old actually)
 The majority of Maison Carree of Nimes was covered up for renovation.
This water fountain was also something to see.

 After visiting the landmarks here. We went to the Pont du Gard.
The aqueduct use to be much longer, 12 arches longer. We walked across it and went to the museum on the other side. I liked the museum very much. It went through the history of the aqueduct and how the Romans got fresh water. 
 At the museum Louie got a hot dog crepe.
 I got a vegetarian crepe.
Next stop was Montpellier. We went to a outdoor market and I had one of these things. It taste like a churro, but the texture was not good.

 After Montpellier, we headed for a castle in Carcassonne and got there at 6.

 I bought 5 bars of soap here for 10 euros, so many flavors.

Lots of walking around at the castle.
 Dinner time.
Salad with chicken gizzard. I see this appetizer a lot.
This is cassoulet. This region is known for this dish. It's a stew with white beans and duck confit and sausage. I'm not a big fan.
Duck leg with fries.
Pistachio ice cream. 
We then drove to Toulouse and checked into our hotel at 10.

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