Sunday, October 10, 2010

London - Day 2

We accidentally overslept to 11 am because we forgot to set the alarm clock. Our first stop, Victoria and Albert Museum and yipeee it was free. It's quite a large museum and I don't have the attention span to go through everything in one visit. We walked around the museum for 2 hours or so and had afternoon tea at the cafe.
Courtyard of the V&A museum. This exhibit is suppose to resemble the ripples of the water. I think that's what I read, I don't remember now.
Inside the V&A
Our afternoon tea, the big white meringue is not good. Don't get it even if you are curious like we were.
Scone and almond tart cake.
Our next stop was Kensington Palace. Another building to be appreciated on the outside. They do sell tickets, but the timing did not go with our schedule.
Old guy feeding squirrels. This was entertaining to watch, more so than peering through the gates of Kensington Palace. I like squirrels, they're cute.
Walked through Hyde Park and took some pictures of structures that I don't know the historical significance of. This would be a very common thing we do. If we had more time to learn about the history, I'm sure we'll appreciate it more. But for now, it's going to be photo drive-by.
Photo drive-by.
As we were looking for Princess Diana's water fountain memorial, we visited the Serpentine Museum in Hyde Park. 
It seemed like forever, but we finally found Princess Di's memorial fountain. It's a stream of water that goes round and round in a circle.
After resting our feet a bit, we went to St. Paul's cathedral. We got there at 6 pm and it was closing time. Another building I'll admire from the outside.
A telephone booth. Yea!! I get to go inside something for once and it's free, double score. The booth was rather cramped, but had a lot of natural lighting.
Next stop, a cheese store called La Fromagerie.
Dinner time, we went to The Golden Hind, a fish and chips place.
I had the cod with mushy peas.
Louie had the haddock with chips.
Drive-by photo.
The night was still young and there was no point shopping because it didn't fit into our luggages. We only brought our carry-ons for our 5-1/2 week vacation, so we stuffed whatever we can into there. Our plan was to buy luggage once we reached Paris and since our flight from London to Nice would charge for check-in baggage, we decided we can live with what we can pack in our carry-ons until we reached our apartment in Paris, two and a half weeks into our vacation, the last leg. It would be London for 3 nights, exploring France with rental car for 2 weeks and then Paris for 3 weeks.
We went to Piccadilly Circus just to see what was there. It's like Time Square.

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