Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cannes and Avignon - Day 6

In the morning, we headed off to the automobile museum. We got there and a construction worker said it was  finished, meaning it's no more. So, off we headed to Cannes. I saw my first topless lady on the beach. I read an article about this and how there are fewer and fewer French women going topless. 
We walked down the beach and I liked all the different colored umbrellas.
This picture reminded us of Pato.

After Cannes we drove to our next hotel. The trip took around 2 hours through the toll roads. The tolls cost 18 euros total. We filled up on gas, 1.45 euros a litter. It would be around $7.60 a gallon. Ouch, but still cheaper than if we used train, but it's also not comparable. If we rode the train, we wouldn't have the freedom  to go where we wanted and explore places further from public transportation.
Our hotel is very olden days Frenchie style. It had that old building smell to it that I'm not fond of. Our room was the last door of the hallway, dark and spooky.
The bottom floor is decorated with headless mannequins and old furniture. This did not help. 
This is a photo of the room. There's words in French across the entire room. What does it say? I have no idea.
This is the other side of the room, which also disturbed me because of the chair. I imagined a ghost would sit there while we were sleeping. I chose the other side of the bed.
After checking into spooky hotel, we went to Avignon. While we were driving there, I heard clicking noises coming from the front passenger wheel. I stuck my head out the window like a dog. It didn't look flat, but the noise was definitely coming from the tire. We parked inside the castle walls and checked. There was a nail in the tire and you can hear the air hissing out of it. Damn it! Just our luck. For some reason, we have a tendency to get flat tires. Just this year, the miata and the merc had flats and now this. We walked to the tourist information center and they helped call our rental car company. They said they won't come out unless all 4 tires are flat, so we have to repair the tire ourselves. I wanted to get this taken care of right away before businesses started to close. We looked up the closest auto shop on the GPS and by the time we got there, the tire was completely flat. They changed to the spare, but they don't do tire repairs, so they referred us to a tire place down the road. We drove there and they repaired the tire and changed it back. After taking care of the tire, we headed back to Avignon.
The town was pretty neat because the walls go all around. We drove back into the town through the archway. The streets are very narrow.
By this time, it was around 6 pm and we were quite hungry, since we didn't have lunch. We couldn't go inside the castle because it was too late. 
We took some photos of the castle exterior before finding a dinner place.

I like this.

Touristy street.
We went to one of the cheap restaurants that are catered to tourists. It was not a good meal and we would not be going to these types again. 
Cured meat with salad.

Pate with salad.
Steak and fries.
Tomato tart and steak.
Yucky flan. I had two bites of this. The first bite was to try it. It was yucky. The second bite was because I didn't know if it was really that bad or maybe I was imagining it to be worse than it was. Nope, I wasn't imagining.
Louie had the ice cream. This was a safe bet.
It was an eventful day. Glad we got back to the spooky hotel safe. 

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