Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nice - Day 3

We woke up early to catch our flight to Nice. We stuffed our luggage to max capacity and trained to Luton airport. We previously planned on using the Eurostar, but flying was much cheaper. We ate at the airport while waiting for our flight.
Now the hard part, getting to the hotel from Nice airport. We picked up our Sixt rental car and I was the navigator using my iphone GPS. I don't understand French, so I couldn't tell what roads to take. What was suppose to be a 30 minute car ride turned out to be 1 hour with all my wrong turns. Louie got frustrated with me and I got pretty stressed out, but at least we made it.
 Our rental car is a sky blue Fiat Panda.
We reached the hotel and got settled in. We wanted to go to the supermarket, but it was closed. I also didn't want to go out because it was dark and would make navigating that much harder. We ate dinner at La Galleria or something like that. It was next to the hotel.
Our first French meal.
 Beef carpaccio
 That round thing is a fowl.
 Risotto...too much butter.

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