Sunday, December 19, 2010

Paris - Day 31

We woke up early and got to Saint Chapelle. Lots of stained glass windows.

We paid another visit to Notre Dame, but this time to go up the bell tower since we had our museum pass.

Steak and frites.
Club sandwich.
We also paid another visit to the Arc of Triumph because they let visitors go to the top if they have a museum pass. When we got there, it was closed because of threats. Police were everywhere.
A mass of student protesters.

Military museum.

 Napoleon's tomb. The tomb looks small in the picture, but it's quite large.
We went back to the Louvre to look at the other exhibits. I found 20 euros on the floor. Score!

Snack time at the food court. A McDonald chocolate muffin.
We went to the gourmet area of Gallerie Lafeyette and ate dinner at a salmon/caviar place. It was good.

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