Monday, December 13, 2010

Paris - Day 30

On our way to the Louvre. There was no one on the platform, so we took a picture. sortie sortie sortie.
We went to the Louvre to cover more ground. More Greek statues and a whole bunch of other pieces. There were large boards in some sections that explained the art pieces in more detail. We read them at first, but soon gave up on them and walked through everything instead.

Sewer museum was in an actual sewer. The smell was exactly the same as the sewage plants here.

For some reason, this photo is like a vagina. I'm not perverted.
This ball is used to clean the sewer. A device holds it down and carries it through the sewer. When the water passes the ball, it will flow at a faster rate and should carry the grit through.

Sewer museum exit. This was an interesting museum.
Dinner time. It's common for the good restaurants to be closed on Sundays, so we went to a to-go place called Gusto. It was good.

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