Friday, December 3, 2010

Paris - Day 27

Today the museums were open and we purchased a 4-day pass. However, we decided to start it another day because there might be an larger crowd than normal since they were closed the previous days.
We got some pastries and spent the morning planning which museums to visit.
 Beef tartare.

We went to Sacre-Coeur in the afternoon. Louie repeatedly warned me about scam artists trying to put a gold bracelet on you and making you pay for it. Something like that or just getting near enough to rob you.
This is a guy peeing in the street 10 feet away from me. He's not homeless, so I was a little surprised.

View from the top.

There's many people sitting on the steps.

Before we left, a guy tried to put a gold bracelet around Louie's wrist.
When we got to the metro, we boarded a semi crowded train. Then, a bunch of gypsy kids pushed their way on. While they were pushing, they tried to pickpocket us. They didn't get anything. I had a death grip on my bag. Louie felt one of the kids trying to reach into his pockets. Right before the doors closed, they all jumped off the train.

When we got back to the apartment, we researched more about pick pocketers. It's quite rampant in Paris and there's a lot of forums where people post their stories, stolen wallet, passports, etc... We were quite paranoid for the rest of our trip. I kept my bag even closer than usual and was suspicious of everyone, like they were all out to get me.

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