Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I made Scot's Baps for the bread of our turkey sandwich lunches this week. Quite cheap, since I was making my own bread and the turkey as well, cooked over clarified butter. Every year after Thanksgiving, we get a Costco turkey because it's usually marked down. I like being frugal. I once saw turkeys advertised for 20 cents a pound, but didn't get it. There's just something scary about meat when it's cheaper than vegetables.

When I count the labor of making bread, it's totally not worth it to make your own. I can get two french baguettes from Costco for under 4 dollars baked that very morning, plus it taste way better than mines, plus I'm not stuck at home for the whole day. I guess I bake bread for other reasons. I want to get better at it, I strive for the simple life, and it's fun. I also take pride in it, but not so much when it turns out worse than the loaf I made before it.

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