Saturday, June 5, 2010

B-day Dinner for Me

I got a home cooked eight course meal. Louie wanted to get a goose, but the shop said they ran out, so he got a Muscovy duck instead. His aim was to have every dish made with duck.
#1 Salad dressed with duck fat, cheese and duck cracklings
#2 Duck innards with some sriracha sauce#3 Tuna with tomatoes, cilantro, red onion civiche. I don't think there was any duck in here.
#4 Crostini with duck liver pate
#5 Roasted Brussels sprouts#6 Mushroom risotto with crab topped with some green onions and cheese. He mixed a little bit of duck fat in there to try to keep with the theme. At this point I was getting pretty close to full.
#7 Duck confit with yellow potatoes. I only ate several bites, too full.
#8 Duck breast with balsamic reduction over polenta.

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